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The Art of Sideways January 21, 2013

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Picking up briefly from where I left off, back in September right after the rejoicing stopped, things went sideways really fast. October thru December became the hardest months of the whole year. Mistakes were made, illness invaded our lives, and work was scarce. As a prize for surviving that madness, I know have Candida, which changes everything.

Candida is a condition where your body gets unbalanced and succumbs to a fungal invasion, usually starting in the gut, then getting into the blood, and spreading everywhere.  It’s yeast, in layman’s terms. If left untreated it can become life threatening; it’s very hard to kill, and no, there’s no pill for that.  The only treatment is a stringent diet, exercise, and patience. My jaw hit the floor when the doc said 1-2 years to cure. Years, people! So the night of Dec 7th became my personal 180˚ South moment: the next morning I woke up, it was a whole new world.  I no longer have a choice about getting healthy and exercising; it’s happening, or else.

This is my official shout-out to anyone suffering from Candida: I want to hear from you!  I need your experiences, your personal wisdom on what you’ve learned, your stories… I want to share recipes and compare notes. I want to get through this with as much grace and humor as I can manage (which may not be much, if the itchy butt-crack keeps up).

I kinda want to reference Dr Malcolm’s chaos theory from Jurassic Park here…as you can imagine, none of this was part of the plan and ‘tiny imperfections’ can have drastic effects. We went out on our own and survived for nearly a year (anniversary Feb 27) – it’s a big deal. My priorities and perspective has shifted, and now I can say I’m one of those people for whom health comes first. I can also see that going back to a ‘normal’ 9-5 job is the definition of insanity for me – stream of thought rationales coming shortly.

And there we are… not the place I hoped or expected, but a place where the new path starts. Keep moving forward, even if that means walking to the cliff’s edge, turning 180˚ S, and striding forward again.

PS: Having a condition that requires will power doesn’t give you will power. It’s no easier because I “have to”. I still crave chocolate.