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Roller Coaster Summer October 7, 2012

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Hey kids, what’s shakin’?

So things have been a little nuts… From a photography standpoint, we got the opportunity of a lifetime a couple months ago. Our friends, the circus/horse people, got their opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an investor, one with $10 million dollars to make their dream show a reality.  We were a near shoe-in as photographers. Deciding to put money with mouth, we took a trip to San Diego, CA, hung out for a few days. Things were moving very fast and then all a sudden they weren’t –  It was maddening! Ultimately we ended up working piece-work instead of becoming the traveling staff photog right off the bat. There was trouble in paradise even then.

The first shoot scheduled was supposed to be a two-day marathon that never got off the ground. The schedule had gone out the window before we’d even arrived. Day 2 saw us on a beach near the fence along side Tijuana, Mexico with a dead seal on it. It did turn out to be a sign.  The trip got extended with an invite to a cast party the following Saturday (open bar!).  By the time we were through, we’d stayed 8 days.

Acierto, Andalusian stallion and very well trained Ham.

The second shoot was developed more than scheduled, wasn’t actually requested.  From a customer service standpoint, we decided another trip was in order: a quick 3-day turn and burn to get some shots of the animals impossible the first time around.  Photographing horses turned out to be a steep learning curve. Thankfully, Honey is strong in that arena.  The joke of the ‘creation site’ was that it is a dirt lot in Tijuana; the truth is one wrong turn and you were crossing the border and gonna spend 3 hrs trying to get back. So how does one turn that into an attractive backdrop? Easy. Build an infinity wall. That turned into the second shoot. We stayed 11 days until we got it right and worked through 13 horses.

During one of the meetings, the office girls found out I do interior design. They were desperately in need of someone to organize the VIP tent and concessions, so I threw my hat in the ring. It went really fast and ultimately amounted to nothing, but I took away several lessons.

Rough Overview of my proposed VIP tent.

About this time everything started to go sideways in earnest.  There was an accident. A horse had to be put done and within 48 hrs everything unraveled. Our friends were home in less than a week.  The wheels had already been set in motion for a magazine cover, so if anyone gets California Riding Magazine, we grace the September issue.

Sept 2012 cover, California Riding Magazine

September turned into a month of celebration, a re-balancing of the natural order.  We spent 5 epic days partying, healing the wounds of recently shattered dreams. Bonfire. Dinner party. Bar. (tiled a bathroom) Going-away party. Strip club. Bar. Followed by a day of absolute bliss and carnal pleasure with my husband.  For our friends, anger has turned to ambition, the fire burning hotter than ever before. The dreams still live!  And with them, our once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity waiting in the wings…

For now, we are happy in our space in the middle. We, the definition of starving artists. Photography is where we want to go, but when photography runs thin we landscape yards and paint houses.  There are multiple paths to our destination, so we work as many as we can. In the meantime, we build with bricks and plant trees. The hard work will make us lean and healthy. It’s not an easy way to live, but we’re glad to do it; that explains it all really.  I could die tomorrow with a smile on my face, though I hope that won’t be necessary.

And there we are…

It also turns out this is my 200th post, which is very exciting!! Glad to have reached a milestone and actually done something before getting there. To the misadventures in life, cheers!!