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Get Steely May 8, 2012

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A few facts to bring everyone up to speed, albeit rather abruptly:

I work full-time for my own design business, Besoj Designs. There’s nothing to Google yet but it’s paying our bills. Honey is my No 1 employee, and as of last week, our draftsman (the old-school way, no less). We have work booked through mid- to late June.


Let that soak in for a minute. I know I needed several.

On March 6, after some very odd events, the hotel decided I was collateral damage and fired me. Nobody really knows what happened; I don’t really care, seeing as they did me a favor. They screwed me with the money of course, and unemployment ruled they had every right to do so. I’m over that too. We picked up what used to be known as ‘side work’, and then got a referral, more work, another referral…word of mouth is a wonderful thing. And before I knew it, without having done anything special or out of the ordinary, I realized I was doing what I was afraid I couldn’t do. Now we make our own hours, pick our days off. We have flexibility for the unexpected – like the health scare we had yesterday. We’re taking a couple days off, because it’s the right thing to do, and I don’t have to call in.  Honestly, it’s pretty freaking awesome!!

 So plans got moved up a bit – we’d always planned to work for ourselves. Guess we’ve been ready and waiting long enough. I haven’t applied for one “real” job. I don’t intend to.

 In other news, I’m studying feng shui. I bring this up because it’s awesome hippie shit (that’s actually ancient Chinese hippie shit) and it works (what little I’ve done so far has had noticeable effects) and as I’m delving into it further….I’ve stumbled across a ‘coincidence’ that’s too loud to ignore. I’m studying flying star feng shui, which uses the cardinal directions to determine where your house’s good and bad energies congregate. It’s based on the facing direction of your house. Remember that documentary that changed my life from the last post? Now guess what direction my front door faces…?


180˚ South.

 Yeah. We can’t move. We’re gonna have to buy this house cuz here’s where we’re supposed to be.  I can’t argue with that kind of sign; stairs or no stairs, this should be our house.

 So there you have it. We’re freaking doing it. What are you doing?