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Vacation!! November 3, 2011

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We have achieved the impossible this year. Despite the economy (gag), health issues, and the usual state of our finances (pathetic), we are going on vacation.

That’s not impossible, you say? Well, it has been for us. I’ve worked the last 15 years without one, so has my hubby. It goes without saying that the 8-day camping trip with the stomach flu does not count. Always seems there’s never time off available, or enough money, or a time when some other random catastrophe isn’t happening. The days of extra income and every-weekend fishing trips are over. And we couldn’t have managed this trip either, without the generosity of a dear friend.

So Thailand it is not. Despite everyone’s best efforts, none of the group could afford to go that far, get passports in time, etc. Same goes for two locations in Mexico. All six of us can, however, afford to visit the east coast and stay for free with family.

I’m being slightly vague on purpose. This isn’t quite the same as announcing to Facebook the dates you’ll be out of town, but its close.

I am floating on air just knowing that in X number of days I’ll be flying outta here. I haven’t flown since 2000; haven’t been further east than Minnesota. Try to imagine something similar to nearly two weeks in a farm house from the 1900’s, your own guest room, and essentially a bed and breakfast. And for anyone who knows anything about the rocky history with my folks, you’ll know it’s a huge deal to have a big family dinner on a holiday. This alone will sustain me through any trials between now and then.

The other challenges I’ve been working on: Fit for Life, getting a business or two off the ground…are slow, slower now that the cash flow has become more uneven than before. It can’t be helped, but living out of one’s pantry isn’t very FFL – veggies don’t keep, you know. But as I’ve said before, I accept that the prizes are mine, despite crawling towards my goal at a snail’s pace. I’m spending some time getting to know the Yoga Journal website, which I love. And the post is taking forever, but I ordered a used book on becoming a runner in 30 days. – I get that running is intuitive just like swimming for some people, but do either of them wrong long enough and you’ll seriously hurt yourself – besides, I need a guide to follow to follow thru.  They are small steps, but will eventually add up to a great distance from where I am now.  It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Four loads of clean laundry are staring me in the back, waiting to be folded and put away. If I don’t handle it soon, they’ll probably revolt. And I’ve decided I’ll try to grow roses in the wasteland that is my back yard. Ollas will probably help.