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A Spiritual Experience October 20, 2011

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Did you know camping could be a spiritual experience?

I did, but it’s been taken to another level in the last three days. I’m on the path I’m meant to walk and every fiber of my being knows it. That’s happiness if I ever felt it.

We went to Utah. It’s one of our collection of 3-hr drives outside of Vegas that provides a stress drain and fresh air. I didn’t get any sleep since we left right after I got off work – that’s 2am folks – but it was an easy drive, little traffic, and I haven’t seen the sun rise for ages. It was glorious. Met up with a couple guys who’d come out the day before and moved camp to a bigger, more sheltered spot. Said spot happened to be occupied by a large number of rather aggressive bees. I got stung for the first time, twice, which hurts like hell and had me crying like a little girl. I spent the afternoon safely in our tent with a book. By nightfall the girls had arrived and the bees had gone wherever bees go when it gets cold. It was far colder than we anticipated, even though we’d planned for cold weather. That night we were animals around the campfire, singing, dancing, being dazzled by the Milky Way.The shadow theater was a riot; wish I had video.

The following morning was slightly awful. Everyone was awake and running for their lives from the bees, who had returned with a vengeance. Emma got stung too. A Chinese fire drill ensued as we packed up camp and headed down the mountain. We stopped at a ‘camp by donation’ site with no name, located maybe a mile or two from the main highway and right beside a healthy stream. It’s my new favorite spot. The rest of the gang went into town for more firewood and food, since the guys were leaving soon. Honey and I stayed and set up camp, had baths in the creek (biodegradable soap), and made ham sammies.  We looked like old school hippies, lounging about in the sunshine, dipping our toes in the water. One of the guys had a streaking run through the woods; the other went crawdad fishing and caught several. It was warm and bee-free. We had the whole place to ourselves until it got dark, when a couple hikers dropped in.

The magic happened even stronger that night, with Honey and I and the two girls. We solved the crisis of where to go on vacation since we are collectively broke. It felt right. The vibe was calmer, more earthy. I loved it.

Next morning had soup pot sausage and eggs. The girls had to go home before us; we had to jump their car first. We had planned to be packed up early, then lounge about until dinnertime when we’d go into town for our traditional green chili burrito at Oscar’s. Honey was restless so we went early, which turned out to be right. We split a burrito so we could finally have dessert – and Kathy’s Famous Carrot Cake is not nearly famous enough – it was the most divine carrot cake I’ve ever had. We visited a couple rock and gem shops that we’ve always passed before. I found a sale basket, bought a hematite ring to help with stress and a chakra stone bracelet. We were home by 6:30pm. The return drive just flew. We ordered Thai food and spent some quality time.


The soul has been fed and allowed to wander in the woods. It was open to see how special my friends are and how they’re really more like family. I love them fiercely. As far as getting my life together in various ways…there is nothing that can stop a determined mind. Progress is measured in small steps and though I’m not there yet, on any front, I’m content that the prize is mine.

Get your nature on, people! It does a body, mind, and spirit good.