A Conundrum of Contradictions

The musings of one born in the wrong decade

Check in August 28, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — summerv @ 10:37 pm

Living Fit for Life is both more and less challenging than I thought. My body and taste buds have no objection to me eating 70% vegetable. And a male friend I haven’t seen in three months commented on my weight lost the other day. This isn’t really the kind of thing you can do if pressed for time though. I forgot how involved it can get to cook everyday; not to mention the mess I make that will be waiting for me when I get home. So its all very fluid.

I’ve committed in my head to a lifestyle change, so I’m not self-destructively neurotic about cheating when necessary. I’m still tired more than is reasonable and there’s more I could be doing – isn’t there always? – But I persevere nonetheless. Results will come.

Plus I learned my lesson last night: satisfying the munchies at 3am with leftover pizza is a very bad idea. Spent half the night in the bathroom because my health oriented stomach didn’t care for my choice. Go figure. They say if its right, you’ll know.

Anyway, other amazing things are in the works: two potential businesses, a real vacation, and other unmentionables. Hope ur all out there seizing opportunities too. Luvs


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