A Conundrum of Contradictions

The musings of one born in the wrong decade

A Matter of Perspective May 6, 2011

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Everything lies in perspective and whether we like it or not, whether it makes sense or not, how we respond to various circumstances is based on that perspective. I have a habit of quietly chastising people for fearing or responding poorly to change. Then I got that phone call that changed the game in mid-play. Now my perspective has changed. Its no longer "well you just do this…" in response to someone else’s crisis; now it’s my crisis and the answers are harder to come by with the cloud of panic threatening. So far, I just try to accomplish one or two small steps a day towards the looming Now What. So far, so good.

I’m not putting too much hope towards a transfer, though it’s theoretically possible. And assuming it does happen, I could bet my car there will be another 90 day wait for health insurance. In essence, possible salvation is three months out – minimum. So the next best option is move forward, not worry about health until I can’t ignore it any longer. The goal is to follow the dreams in all this newfound free time, not just scrape out a living. I always say there must be a better way, something other than work till I’m 67 and then, if there’s any energy or money left, live the dream.

That’s arrogance on an epic scale. Call it cliche, but tomorrow is not guaranteed. Its assumed, often at great loss. SO, the plan is to find the courage, despite the fear, to vibrantly live right now all the dreams I’ve ever had. Can’t think of any better course of action, can you?


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