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Trip to Zion April 13, 2011

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This may be a bit messy – I’m riding in the backseat of my roomie’s car heading home from Zion Nat’l Park. This won’t post until I get reception.
So…we took a day trip, leaving at 6am. Had breakfast at the Bumbleberry Cafe. If I can reach my pack I’ll write for you what they said a bumbleberry is – believe me though, its some acid tripping nonsense. Anyway, the river was high, part of the trail had washed away, and the Narrows hike was closed, but where you would normally walk into the river lots of peeps had built stone cairns, one nearly 4ft tall. I built a small one on a ledge. There was a woman there with two little girls and a baby; the girls thought it was funny to knock the cairns over. Mom didn’t say anything, disrespectful bitch. I think an older photographer lady said something, but not sure.
Had lunch at Oscar’s Cafe – still awesome! I had fish tacos. We wandered around the shops in town to kill time till sunset. I bought a deck of reflexology cards and a card for my gf in Florida. My ear piercings could be affecting me, don’t know yet. Gonna practice on myself first.
Had dinner at what used to be an amazing restaurant called the Spotted Dog. Four years ago I had nothing but good things to say; today it flat sucked and I feel bad for taking my roommate there. The service, food, everything – just awful. We won’t be going there again.
My feet and/or ankles will probably hurt tomorrow but it felt good to get out and do something far away from Vegas. Hopefully I fixed my farmers tan too.
Speaking of Vegas, Honey had this epiphany last week: he wants to move away. Back to Portland, but definitely away. He said we’ve given 30 years… That’s ‘ouch’ even without wincing about revealing my age. Yeah, so more to come on that as it develops.
I think its my turn to drive, gotta go.