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Who is that talking? Oh, it’s me March 2, 2011

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It’s odd…I was just telling my husband how my voice annoys me. Not the sound of it – I find the sound quite pleasing, not too high, not to husky, perfect for telemarketing and automated recordings, it’s just the way I use it of late. It’s back to that lack of middle ground issue. You see, I don’t just voice an opinion. I preface it with some sort of disclaimer phrase like “I think” (my most popular) or “just my opinion” and so forth. I work with someone who just blurts out her very strong views and I’ve been inadvertently offended at least twice because she has no idea where I’m coming from. I try very hard not to be like that. Unfortunately, now I sound like a pompous twat.

It’s an odd thing to think of oneself as a goodie goodie two shoes. It’s either salty sailor mouth or ubber geek extraordinaire. As you can imagine, neither is appropriate in all settings. And with that in mind, I’m working on talking less and smiling a lot. Remember me mentioning that glitch I’d like to build into my brain-to-mouth filter? I’m not sure if having more time to think before speaking would be better or worse for the high brow side of me that does the most talking. Quite possibly worse.

It might seem a bit like I’m over thinking this. I mean, for heaven’s sake, we’re talking about talking. Everyone puts their foot in their mouth occasionally; I just notice I do it often and am obsessing slightly about trying to stop. I also notice that I use the word “try” or “trying” entirely too much. Like Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try”, which means I’m not doing a whole lot because I’m too busy trying! Insanely frustrating it is.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I once again the only crazy person in the room?