A Conundrum of Contradictions

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Stinkbug February 23, 2011

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I have to wear a suit coat to work everyday, black from head to toe, rather mortician-looking, and mine seems to be lined with something that won’t let my body breathe.  My love affair with crystal deodorant has hit its first snag. My inner hippie was so excited when an acquaintance recommended a natural alternative to traditional, aluminum-based deodorants. (I buy mine at Sunflower Market for $2.50). I’ve been a faithful and happy user since. I never have to worry about marks on my black shirts, no skin irritation, no chalky residue, and no fragrance (for us allergy sufferers) – it’s just all happy…except that in this blasted suit coat my body can’t do anything but sweat, and by the end of a normal work day I stink. It got bad enough that my husband noticed while sitting next to me in the car. He now wants to rewrite the “Junebug” song to say Stinkbug instead.

Not wearing the coat isn’t an option, at least not right now. There’s this whole need to look professional and my current wardrobe, without the coat, isn’t up to the task. So I broke down and bought men’s unscented deodorant. It works, but the first day I came home and stripped off my shirt my underarms where black. Quite disturbing actually. Something about the fabric of that particular shirt doesn’t agree. Molly Blackpits was born.

Honey is favoring Stinkbug. We both laugh about it so I guess it works.

In other news, I’m trying to fill out my new insurance forms with little success. These things are made to confuse. And everyone I’m used to seeing is in a separate special book and going to cost a premium – pretty much standard. I’ll have to go in early to ask for help on Friday. Why in the world does getting/staying healthy have to be so complicated??


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