A Conundrum of Contradictions

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>Parkour November 29, 2010

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>It was bloody cold today – the weather man lied. Cloudy and windless is what we were promised; cloud free and gusty was what we got. We did the planned photo shoot anyway. Two models dwindled to one; four parkour guys down to three…due to a ridiculous hang over, so I heard. I took some shots with the G-10 – that thing is so smart I’m starting to think I have skills… Here’s a sampling:

Before I insert pics, let me just say Blogger freaking sucks!!

Ha ha! It’s more work but outsmarting Blogger ultimately makes life easier. Amazing finished images should be up on Honey’s website soon – http://www.felixgphotography.com/ – for those that don’t know it already.


>In a Word November 26, 2010

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>I’ve finally thought of how to describe myself in one word: classic. In two words: old soul.

I had a job interview for a company where a friend of mine got hired; I was advised the company wanted to know how we would describe ourselves in one word – who we are off the resume, so to speak. I obsessed about it, took a poll of all my friends, and ultimately didn’t get asked the question. But Honey and I just finished watching a 20/20 special on Hulu about plastic surgery – the interview with Heidi Montag and how she now regrets everything she did – and I feel a certain sense of loss for humanity. Maybe loss isn’t the right word, but we’ve lost some integrity about how humans are supposed to live. Wrinkles, people – we earn those through years of laughter and tears! You shouldn’t be getting breast implants at 17. You should have a network of people teaching you from age 2 that you are perfect just the way you are, and that no amount of ignorant teasing from schoolmates will make you ready to kill yourself if you don’t get D cups for your birthday. It’s sickening to me. I think back to the 50’s and how woman cared about their appearance, but in a different way: they dressed to flatter whatever figure they had, always did their hair, and enhanced with minimal cosmetics. Referencing strictly that portion of that era, we’ve lost something…acceptance of ourselves.

A friend of mine told me once I was born a decade too late. He’s probably right. I don’t relate too well to people my own age – some of them are so blatantly ignorant I can’t stand it. The younger generation is one of want and self-righteousness, entitlement. Basically if you’re under 30 and feel that by your mere existance I owe you something…I want to punch you in the face. I also won’t respect you if you wear white base, blacked-out eyes, and black lipstick to an interview. Nobody gives a shit that you’re channeling “emo”; they just think you look like a bad clown and need to grow up.

Do I sound like an old lady yet? Can’t help it. Older than my years warrant. And with that I’m taking my decrepid ass to bed. 🙂


>Daily Wisdom Nov 19 November 19, 2010

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>You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.
-Indira Gandhi


>Life is Good

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As it turns out, the Fates are finally smiling on me – and it’s about bloody time – because I have a shiny new job. One using my widely varied skill set, education (that stuff needs to start paying for itself soon), not to mention a pay raise and a shot at those coveted health benefits. This is one very happy girl who is moving up and moving on…whilst not burning the bridge she just crossed cuz you never know. Yay for me!!
16 decorative balls, fishing line,
a decapitated Xmas star and Presto!
There’s been an injection of art into our house the last couple days. We both had the same idea for a creative new use for those decorative balls everyone puts in bowls on tables – we made a mobile out of ours. If I can find the picture I’ll post it. We also got creative with an old school overhead projector and custom painted some graphics in the dining room -those I do have pics of – and it looks awesome. Texture is a pain when doing detail work, but we managed.
Turkey day is coming! I’m quasi-prepared… I don’t have an official head count, or all the ingredients. I’m making a dish I’ve never made before and cooking for roughly 12. But I do have all the recipes (two were missing for awhile) and did some of the shopping today. We need more silverware… it’ll get sorted eventually. It’ll be madness between now and then, with new hire paperwork and another trip to the “talent center” to sign forms and get my picture taken (really freaking early in the morning), plus early baking and last minute “oh crap! I forgot to buy…” moments.
And I managed to go through the dreaded family photo CD without crying or getting terribly depressed. Life is good.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

>I was born under a wandering star… November 12, 2010

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I feel old today. Probably just tired…seems to be my natural state at this point. But, in better news and by the grace of God, we’re still kicking. Seems we find what we need just in the nick of time. I’m calling it Divine Providence because frankly, I’m not that good. Believe what you like, but someone is watching out for us.

I went to a job interview last Wednesday. Oddest one I’ve ever been to. Try to show personality while answering a strictly work-related question. Just one question. I don’t know if I dazzled or blew it. And their “oh you should know either way in a day or two…” email hasn’t come yet. I’m assuming holiday interference.
Fingers crossed just the same.

It’s an odd feeling I have about life in general these days. I’m not where I expected to be, or planned to be, or dreamed of being. Several steps from there in fact. In the same breath, where I am has a certain ‘rightness’ to it. We’ve been much worse, survived with much less, and suffered more; we’re struggling now but it’s not the same. I don’t know how to describe how simple everything becomes when you’re homeless. There is no rent, or utilities. We were fortunate enough to be working at the time so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. In truth it was more freeing than I expected. Call me crazy, but part of me wants to do it again. Just shuck all this and drive. I’ll have to pay off the car first and they’re a bit nastier about the insurance laws these days, but still. The feelings don’t take that stuff into account. I would go backpacking in a heartbeat. Doesn’t matter that I’m out of shape and have bad knees. I feel sometimes like life is passing and I’m not living it, that I could be doing more. The problem seems to be I’m letting this traditional shackling get in the way. Why do I need a house and a car? Why can’t I just hop a bus or plane and go do? I can hear the bullshit rattling in your head as you answer that question for yourself. Think of it like a child – simple. How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator? So…how do I live the life I dream about, gypsying where the wind blows me? Pack my shit and go. Simple.

Sort of.

There are other people who love me dearly who have other plans. Career-minded, professional plans that don’t include dropping back to what seems to them to be the bottom rung. I’m becoming so anti-stuff it’s starting to worry those loved ones. I don’t want to own anything. Feels like that stuff equally owns me and I don’t like it. I just want to go and see and experience. I had a dream the other night I shaved my head and took to wearing all those hats I like so much but never wear. I don’t think it would be a particularly flattering look for me, but that’s beside the point. I think a work commune would be awesome. That’s all I really need. That and a pair of good shoes…

The possibilities are endless…


>Me and Alethea November 5, 2010

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What I look like after a 20hr day…


>Paco the Taco and Hippie Priestess

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I worship the Taco!

I so want that gargoyle!!!!