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>Sunny Las Vegas April 11, 2010

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>It’s been a tough day. Coming off a great weekend of partying hard: riding horses (Belgians no less, no small feat), dinner out, a day trip to Death Valley, and then dragging into work this morning to hear that everything went sideways while I was gone was not a great way to start the week. Clients with self-righteous attitudes, people who out and out stole stuff (they’re claiming they thought it was paid for, surprise, surprise), two people being promised the same merchandise… I’m not sure I’m one of those people who could work the same job for 30 years. My tolerance level for bullshit and being treated like crap seems to get lower every job I work. And no matter how great the job, eventually there are days that rank up there with the doozies; the ones where you should go back to bed, get up, and try again. Seeing as I work in a service industry, I try to truly be of service; unfortunately I seem to get the clients who imperiously expect you to bow to their every wish and feel grateful for the opportunity. Like the guy I’ve been bending over backwards for who tells my boss he thinks “I’m not all there”. Right at this moment, I hate everyone. People suck and they have no redeeming qualities.

Do I feel better after writing all that? No. I keep trying to be like a duck. Unfortunately it took me until 2:30pm today to get my quack straightened out. I was so mad and couldn’t express it well enough (safely) to let it go. I called Honey for a pep talk; he said nobody’s going to give a shit that I’m upset. Have you ever heard of it ruining someone’s day to know they offended the lady at the lamp store? Me neither. It sounds easy to think ‘well if they don’t care about me then I won’t care about them’ if you’re the last one to get stepped on. *sigh* live and learn, I guess.

There’s an alright view from about the 8th floor of the Venetian parking garage. Tonight my role is chauffeur – they don’t let assistants play with the paparazzi on the red (or sometimes blue) carpet. I look like a homeless person in a really nice car; the pajamas are not helping contradict that image. My whole plan was to be in bed by 8:30pm, considering how hard it was to get up today, but it looks like it’ll be closer to 11pm. Good thing we start an hour later tomorrow.

The Death Valley trip was good. We left later than planned and didn’t get to see everything on Honey’s itinerary, but we all had a good time. We arrived just in time for one of the last tours of Scotty’s Castle. The road construction was awful, Ubehebe was closed altogether, and we lost a lot of time waiting for one-way traffic. Oh, and next time we’re taking the other route in.

So I’m thinking I need a little more “fuck it” in my system. According to Kat Williams, that’s what pot does for you. Not only does he make me laugh, sometimes I think he’s onto something. Nothing is really that serious. There’s very little that is, but I know I for one get my non-panties all in a twist just the same. I need to learn to not give a shit and just have a good time. So the temp kid is dumber than a rock and making my job harder – he’ll be gone in a week and confused about it. So I got a whole grip of payments now when a month ago I had nearly none – I’ll be paying somebody for something every day of my life, at least I have the nice things to show for it. And when all else fails – it’s always sunny in Las Vegas.

—Pictures of the trip coming soon…


>Frustrated…slowly approving insanity April 1, 2010

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>I just want to throttle something.

My computer is revolting against me and trying to cook itself. We think the fan died; now there’s a desk fan blowing on the harddrive to keep it cool. I had to have Honey get to Blogger and log me in because when I touch it, Nermal (my computer) just sits there. Nothing more fun than watching the spinning hourglass.

I hate the wind. I become irrationally irritable and twitchy when the wind kicks up. It’s not helping that there’s a pollen tornado out there and my allergies make me feel like there’s a brick in my face. My head hurts, my nose is raw, and the next person who says anything close to “haha, I don’t have allergies” is gonna get punched in the throat.

My friend from out of town is here for two weeks, half of which has already passed. She was all excited to see me for two months prior, but now that she’s here she can’t seem to be bothered. I’ve seen her twice, all the effort being on my end, and all the fun things we planned have been forgotten. She tells me she can’t leave her sick child at home with her parents (he’s 3); I go to visit and she’s gone to see an old work friend, leaving her sick child at home with her parents, on the same day she said she’d have time to see me.

I’m trying very hard not to snap at anyone, bite anyone, or eat ice cream continuously like an emotional loser. I’ll keep you posted on how all that works out.