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>Have a Holly Jolly…Day of the Dead? December 28, 2009

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>Christmas this year was awesome! This may be the only year I’ve ever received what I asked for; in this case a Canon G-10 camera. My hubby is far more sneaky than I thought… So now you’ll be seeing snapshots taken by me – not nearly the photo quality of my husband’s, but in a much more timely manner. And as you can imagine, I photo’d just about everything from Christmas day.

This pie didn’t get eaten; in fact I fished it from the trash to take this pic. A bit like foam rubber, I thought.
We got up so early to open presents (Honey was kicking me out of bed at 7am) there was a lot of free time between present elation and prep for dinner. I think we watched Nostrodamus 2012 (by the way, I’m now pretty convinced the world as we know it will end or just literally end. But even if I’m wrong its a great excuse to recklessly go after your dreams) and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which I didn’t care for nearly as much as the first one. Honey helped me start the pork wellington – it came out devine even after too long in the oven. Get the recipe here.
This is before the oven.                                                                                 This is after carving.
This is some of my holiday sparkle. Photo taken by me with the help of a mirror.
Alethea and Darrin joined us for dinner and an impromptu Day of the Dead photo shoot. Alethea was also kind enough to bring some of the most heavenly mac ‘n cheese ever and guid-moc-shoe – it’s a veggie dish covered in bacon, even my husband ate it. Here are some pics of the make-up session and resulting spectre.
One big happy, albeit strange, family. Unfortunately the pic with Darrin in it was blurry, but he’s family anyway 🙂

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