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>Can you spot Yours Truly? October 31, 2009

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Happy Halloween everybody. I’m writing this in between hordes of munchkins coming to the door. When I was a kid we walked till Mom was tired and went home; now they’re driving them around and releasing them in waves at the mouth of each cul-de-sac. We didn’t expect this many and will be out of candy soon; for self preservation the guys are going to get more. Kinda like a beer run…

I was all excited last week because the desktop has been resurrected and I was about to get my computer back. Unfortunately, Photoshop CS4 runs better on 4GB of memory than 2GB and now we’re where we started – I still don’t have my own PC. Combine that with Honey’s prolific schedule in the studio and basically I never see this thing. Sad, I know.

So 15+ models have come through the studio; I’ve missed just about all of them. Well, actually all of them. My days off he hasn’t scheduled any shoots. The last one I went to involved an awesome cat from London named Nick; there was a Mohawk and yellow skivvies involved. I’ll say no more. Check him out on Model Mayhem.

There are still no pics from Bite of LV. By the time they’re ready I’m sure no one will care. I’m getting the barking kind of response – he says I’m nagging. So until he’s ready I guess we all wait.

Please enjoy the visuals.

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