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>Happy Birthday to Me!! August 6, 2009

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> I’ve been watching food porn a lot lately. I have a recipe for Turkey Mole Poblano (pronounced mol-eh. Mexicans are the only ones I know of that put chocolate in dishes that have no business having it.) It’s begging to be made despite an entire page of ingredients and the requirement of a spice grinder. I’m a sucker…bought the spice grinder on Saturday and made powdered sea salt with it yesterday (Sunday) while testing.

The drawing session went well. It was much swankier than the nude workshops Terrell throws. I was told cheese, crackers and wine. In reality, it was a cheese and meat platter with prosciutto, salami, and three kinds of olives, plus two flavors of Triscuits, hummus, a fruit platter with blueberries (which I think I ate single-handedly), three kinds of wine (which I don’t drink), a raspberry lemonade, and fancy limeade. The burger and fries I brought thinking “I can’t survive on cheese and crackers” looked very low brow, I must say. Neither one of us had been to a life drawing session before; it doesn’t jive well with Honey’s drawing style, which is meticulously detailed and slow. Each pose was held for 20 minutes and that was it. I’m more of a scribble sketcher, so though I had planned to crochet twizzles for a beanie, I joined in.

Friday night we met an out-of-towner friend for dinner. We haven’t seen each other in nearly two years and neither of us have done much since. I mean really, in this economy, the grand adventures are kinda on hold. I haven’t dashed off to go fishing but once or twice. He’s been working and fishing (toad, he has actual lakes 15 minutes from his house in Tennessee). Hasn’t really been that exciting for anyone. Dinner was good; we walked around the South Point and checked out the equestrian area (the event taking place in there ended literally as we sat down), then the movie theatre (wasn’t anything we wanted to see), saw what one of the rooms looked like and went home.

Saturday: now that was an exciting day – at least the part after work. After running two errands I went and got my ears pierced for my birthday (this coming Thursday). I’ve been carrying around this drawing in my purse since Portland, a little layout I put together of future piercings using a phone pic of my ear and some free time in AutoCAD. I put this master piece on the counter and ask the piercer “How much for this?”
He says, “All of it?”
I say, “Yeah.”
He says, “You want all of it today??”
I say, “Depending on how much…yeah.”
He’s looked at me strangely by now and gets out a calculator. Some of the jewelry I wanted, he was out of until next week, which was probably good, both for my budget and my exaggerated pain threshold. I got a total of 5 piercings that night. From top to bottom, that’s an industrial, two rooks (one each side), and two troggas (one each side). The guy gets mad kudos for making my lopsided ears match and he said my ears were “ideally shaped for the piercings I chose” – believe me, nothing is hotter to a fat chick than being called ‘ideally shaped’. He’ll be seeing me again when I have enough free money for the other four I want. The best part: no one in the “business industry” can say squat. He he he!

Happy Birthday to me!!!


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